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Promoting fun and safe cycling in central Oklahoma
Oklahoma Bicycle Society
1805 Greenway Ct.
Yukon, OK 73099
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Weekly Rides

( Avg speed)
 [1]   Beginners
 ( 8-12 MPH )
[2]  Easy
(10-14 MPH)
 [3]  Moderate
  (12-17 MPH)
 [4] Advanced
( 15-20 MPH)
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  
8:30am / 24mi [2]
9am / 10mi [1]
9am / 10mi [1]
6 pm / 25-35mi [2]
9am / 10mi [1]
9am / 10mi [1]
7am / 40mi [4]
8am / 25mi [3]
6pm [3]
Ride 6:30pm
6pm / 30mi [4]
6pm / 25mi [3]
9am / 34mi [2]

7:20am / 18mi [2]
3pm / 20mi [2]
6:16pm / 12mi [2]

6:17pm / 25mi [2]
6pm / 15-20mi [3]
Ride Norman
11am [2]
8am / 50 mi [4]
3:00pm / 10 mi [2]
Schlegel Wed.

6pm 30 Mi. [4]
6pm / 26mi
Donut Ride
9am / 13mi [1]
9am / 35mi  [3]
10am / 25mi [3]

Rails to Trails in Oklahoma

 How would you like to see bike trails built over abandoned railway lines? The state of Missouri has been successful in converting over 300 miles of rail lines to bike trails, resulting in a great influx of tourism dollars. Oklahoma's laws need some work to facilitate converting rails to trails. Click HERE  for details on what is being done, and how you can get involved.  

Bike Bridge over Northwest Highway

   OBS leaders attended a meeting on Wed. Jan 5th, 2017 with OKC City planners to provide input on plans to build a bike / pedestrian bridge over Northwest Highway at Wilshire. This is where the lake to lake trail goes, and is by the Firehouse Subs and OnCue gas station. 
Funding for this bridge was approved by OKC citizens in 2007, and finally 10 years later we are starting to see some possible movement to get it built.

Also discussed was the problems with the bike trail on McArthur between Wilshire and Britton. There are too many stops, and dangerous car turning across that trail. A couple of alternatives were discussed; Follow the neighborhood streets, and the other was the installation of a stop light on McArthur at Canal Road ( just north of Whataburger and Jimmy's Egg) that would be just for bikes and walkers.

Watch here for updates and progress for this city project.

Calendar (Check the details to confirm the ride dates)

Jan.  Feb.   March  
 19   G.O.Bond Citizen Input  2  G.O. Bond Citizen Input 11
Land Run 100
 21  G.O.Bond Citizen Input  6 G.O. Bond Citizen Input
 OBS Board Meeting
 25 G.O. Bond Citizen Input 7  OBS Swap Meet  18 8 mi. Spring Training Ride
 21  Bike Maintenance Class  16   OBS Board Meeting
19  Native Lands Classic Tulsa
 26  OBS Board Meeting  18 G.O. Bond Citizen Input
 25 15 mi.Spring Training Ride
     28  G.O. Bond Citizen Input    
    19  Chili Bike Stillwater    
     24-26 Trike Rally - Austin    
 April    May   June  
 1 LBJ 100   6 45 mi. Spring Training Ride  2-4 OKC ProAm Fondo
 1  20 mi. Spring Training Ride  6  Tour de Tulsa  2-4 Magnolia Bike Tour (Durant)
 2  OKC Open Streets  6  ValleyRally  5?  Kill the Hill Challenge Poteau
 8  Red Bud Classic  6  Purcell Dragon  9?  O-Rock Epic Tour Big Cedar
9  Norman Open Streets  13  55 mi. Spring Training Ride 9-11  Tulsa Tough
15 25 mi. Spring Training Ride
 13?  Tour de Dale  10-17  Freewheel
22-23 Spring Fling (tentative) 13-14
 May Get-away (tentative)  15  OBS Board Meeting
22 30 mi. Spring Training Ride   18  OBS Board Meeting  17  Miles 4 Smiles
22 Recycle Tar Creek Bike Ride  19-20 OK Bike Summit
 17  Tour of the Wichitas
22 Recumbent Rally  20  62mi. Spring Training Ride  24  Grand Boulevard Bike Tour
 29-30  40 mi. Spring Training Ride  20 Cycling for Scouts-Enid  24?  Tour de Cure
 29  Flower Power Bike Tour  21   CopLand Classic Bike Ride    
 20 OBS Board Meeting     27  70mi. Spring Training Ride    
     27  Tour de Meers
      29   Memorial Day Ride    
 July   Aug   Sept  
 1 Tour of Payne  17  OBS Board Meeting  4  Labor Day Ride
 4 Independence Day Ride  19  Tour de Trykes Enid  7  OBS Streak
 8  Norman Conquest  26  Hotter 'N Hell 100  9  Oktoberfest Bike Ride
 20  OBS Board Meeting      10  DAM J.A.M. Bicycle Tour
 29  Duncan Dehydrator      16?  Gear Up for Great Futures
         21  OBS Board Meeting
         30-1  Bike MS
         23-24  Red Dirt Rendezvous
         23  TBC Fall Century
         23  Pontotoc Pumpkin Pursuit
         30  Bison Classic Shawnee
         30?  Cherokee Strip
         30  Dickens of a Ride
         30  Hills of Oklahoma(HOOT)
 Oct.   Nov.   Dec.  
 7  Race The Rail Watonga  16  OBS Board Meeting  2  OBS Christmas Party
 7  Wild Horse Century Poteau  25  Bike Assembly Day  21  OBS Board Meeting
 7-8  OBS Fall Fling         
 14-15  Fandango Medicine Park        
 14  Mineral Wells Crazy Kicker        
 19  OBS Board Meeting        
 21  Alfalfa Bill Century        Other Annual Rides and Events
 21-22  OBS Tour de Trees        
   Weekend Tours - General Info    


Metro OKC Bike Maps are available

OBS has worked with map experts at ACOG to design a two sided, 11" X 17" color cycling map for OKC, Edmond, and Norman. 5000 copies of the map were printed and are now available to be picked up at local bike shops, as well as at the bike bulletin boards at Lake Hefner and the Oklahoma River. The map includes a listing of local bike shops, safety info, and a list of the weekly rides. A detailed map of the OBS Donut ride is provided.   I hope you will enjoy the bike maps.
An electronic version is available HERE

Welcome Visitors

This page will help you learn how to get started cycling in OKC and Central Oklahoma,
and learn what is the Oklahoma Bicycle Society ( OBS ) and why you will want to join us.
Click the links below for more information

Under Construction: Will Rogers Trail


 The new Will Rogers Trail is currently under construction and is expected to be opened late 2017. Click HERE  For details and maps.

Which Bike Trails would you like to have built?


In September 2017, citizens of OKC will vote on the approval of a General Obligation ( G.O. ) Bond. This occurs every ten years or so, and the money is used to fund various city projects, including building bike trails and bike lanes.

Each city councilperson will be holding a citizen input meeting in their district. This will occur in Jan. and Feb. 2017.
Click HERE  for the dates and locations of the meetings, as well as a few ideas for bike projects.

New Trail Planned for OKC

OKC has indicated plans to start design in 2017 for extending the OKC river trail east one mile.
This will run next to the uncompleted American Indian Cultural Center, and connect the OKC river trail to the newly built Eagle Lake trail at SE 4th and Eastern.
Completion of the trail is said to be in 2018. This section of trail will be an important piece in connecting all of the trails in OKC.
If you are not familiar with the Eagle Lake Trail, don't feel bad, it was opened a couple of years ago with no announcement. For more info on the Eagle Lake Trail - Click HERE

Electric Bills weekend BICYCLING post!

   Click This week's rides for all the details