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Traveling With Your Bike

Bringing your bike on the train         
Bringing your bike on a plane

Technical Tips

Bicycle Size & Fit – submitted by Jim Foreman

Ten Tech Tips – submitted by John Wente

Bicycle Basic Tuneup Checklist – compiled by Ken Denham, Guthrie Bicycles

How to Change a Flat – submitted by John Wente

Patching Bicycle Tubes – submitted John Wente

Personal ID and Insurance Information Suggestions – Absolute necessities in case of an accident.

Bike Cleaning 101

Winter Riding

Bicycle Saddles

Cycling Safety

Bicycle Safety Class

Group Ride Etiquette – If you’re gonna ride with a group, do it right!

How to Teach a Child to Ride
Effective Cycling Notebook
– Excellent cycling safety series from League of American Bicyclists

On The Road: Bicycle Safety – Some great safety tips from Traveler’s Insurance


Here are some good tips for new cyclists from Sheldon

Gear Shifting An introduction to gear shifting, and the basics of how a derailer works. How, why and when to shift gears.
Bicycling and Pain Riding a bike isn’t supposed to be a painful experience.
Adjusting Handlebar Height If your handlebars are at the wrong height for your riding style, you’ll be uncomfortable or slow.
Starting and Stopping Proper technique for safe starting and stopping.
A Comfortable Saddle What you should know about saddles and seatposts.<< Be sure to read this one!!
Braking and Turning Braking and turning technique.
Standing to Pedal Most cyclists spend too much time out of the saddle…do you?
Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Glossary An encyclopedic listing of bicycle lore, technical data and opinions.
Bicycling for Beginners Lots of good stuff including some good, fundamental descriptions of bike technology.
Why Cycle? A U.K. site, but much of the info applies on this side of the Atlantic also.



  • Which way is north? Ever been directionally confused while riding and not sure of your directions? The easy way to orient yourself is to look for a satellite dish — they always point somewhere close to south (at least in the northern hemisphere).
  • Cheaper than a dollar bill! Organized rides and races often give you jersey numbers made of Tyvek or another tough material. Save them. A small piece can serve as a perfect tire boot if you get a gash through the casing.
  • And you thought donuts were just for eating. To protect a saddle sore and still ride, use the Dr. Scholl’s foot product that looks like small foam donuts. Center the hole on the sore. These pads stick well and are available in several sizes.
  • Tennis anyone? To stretch foot muscles and tendons and possibly reduce foot discomfort while riding, roll your feet on a tennis ball. Start with short sessions, one foot for a couple of minutes at a time, to see if it’s helpful. If it is, keep a tennis ball near your bike gear and roll your feet before and after each ride. Other good locations are near your computer or toilet.
  • Stop the buzz! If you are using a bicycle carrier that attaches with nylon straps and they tend to “drum” in the air as you drive, give the strap a half twist or else half-hitch the loose end around it so it forms a round tube. This will stop the aerodynamic flutter. (this from someone who has built and flown two airplanes–he knows aerodynamics!)
  • This and That - a collection of miscellaneous cycling trivia