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Oklahoma Bicycle Manual: Bicycling in Oklahoma

The people are friendly and the scenery is superb. Roads to such treasures of Oklahoma are abundant. What better way to enjoy the spirit of Oklahoma than on a bicycle?

From the rolling plains to forested mountains, from the mesas to the waterways and lakes, Oklahoma’s contrasting scenery and terrain in all its glory make it ideal cycling country. The four seasons present Oklahoma’s already diverse scenery to the cyclist in its variable, but typically comfortable climate. Only the extreme days of January and February present regular weather-related obstacles. Even many days in these months present favorable conditions for enjoying the open air on a day’s tour.

An estimated 32 percent of Oklahomans are at least occasional bicyclists. The number of avid cyclists is growing each year. Occasional bicycle riders often become daily enthusiasts as they recognize the significant effects and benefits of their bicycle use.

Bicyclists have an impact upon retail sales of more than $10 million in Oklahoma. This figure only includes items directly related to bicycles. The overall economic effect of touring cyclists has not been measured, but is far-reaching, including things such as meals purchased, rooms rented and facilities used.

As facilities, such as trails, are created and improved, more people will bicycle regularly. Several new funding programs have been implemented that encourage the construction of new facilities for bicycles.