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Eagle Lake Trail

OKC's newest Bike Trail - Opened May 2014 with little fanfare.

The below map shows the new Eagle Lake trail, marked in black. The green line and the red is a potential addition that would link the river trails to the Katy trail.

Here is a photo tour of the trail.

The entrance to the path starts 1/4 mile south of Reno on MLK/Eastern, next to the entrance to the future Native American center. You will need to jump the curb to start the trail.

The path leaves MLK/Eastern and goes under the bridge
Winding along the Oklahoma River
Along side the river towards the I-40 bridge

A really nice bike/ped bridge over a small creek.

The trail comes to an abrupt end at the edge of Del City's town limits.

The length of the current trail is about 2 miles. That is Eagle Lake seen in the photo.

A gravel road that goes to the Eagle Lake parking lot.The gravel road is about 1/4 mile, navigable by most bikes, just not paved. From there you can get to Reno near Sunnylane for access to Del City, Midwest City, Tinker and Lake Draper.


Can you get from Eagle Lake to the Katy Trail? With a little effort you can. This next photo is from the west side of Eagle Lake ( accessible on a gravel road ). The photo shows a grass field one block long from the gravel road to a grassy path along the river.

At the edge of Eagle Lake, a train trestle near 4th street.

going under the train trestle along the banks of the river. 4th street bridge about 2 blocks ahead.

Just past the 4th street bridge you can walk up the hill to get on the bridge. Looking back at the trail from the 4th street bridge

Katy trail as seen from the 4th street bridge.

Note - this new Eagle Lake trail is a portion of the Tinker-Draper Trail officially. It was approved with the GO Bond in 2000.  Engineering of the trail began back in 2007. The south portion (the portion that runs from Tinker to Lake Draper) was opened last year.