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Floating Crapgame Ride (FCR) - How It Came To Be


Many years ago (no one seems to remember the exact year), a couple OBS members were doing relaxed Saturday morning rides out to El Reno, or somewhere, for “brunch” and maybe a stop at a museum or other point of interest. The riders were Jim Nelson and Craig Feight, and they had been doing similar rides off and on for a few months.  Sometimes they were joined by other riders, and sometimes it was just the two of them. During one particular ride, they got to discussing how other OBS members might enjoy rides similar to this and decided then and there to organize a weekly ride to be held only during non-Daylight Saving Time (fall & winter) that would be based on their original idea of riding to diverse destinations from various starting points and pausing for a light meal somewhere along the way. They decided to call this ride the “Floating Crapgame Ride” (FCR) because of the diverse routes and starting locations. (Funny name, but it stuck.)


Well, that ride is still alive and well, although our friend Jim Nelson is no longer with us, having gone on to the Big Bike Ride in the Sky, and Craig is no longer riding with OBS. This a great way to get motivated to get out and ride during the cooler months when the temptation may be great to vegetate in front of the TV. Most winters in Oklahoma have a surprising number of really nice days, and even when it seems too cold to ride, if one will just get out there and get started, one will find it really isn’t so bad after all—even pleasant! 

Click here for FCR ride schedule and other information.