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Bike Skills Training coming to Central Oklahoma

Bill Elliott  | Published on 9/12/2017

We are pleased to announce that OBS has been awarded a grant of $17,000 from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation for Bike Skills training.

The grant will cover the costs for 3 projects;

  1. Providing two “Smart Cycling” classes. This is a class that teaches cyclists skills for riding in the streets and on trails. It emphasizes best practices that help you safely navigate riding in traffic. Students also learn effective techniques for maintaining their bike, riding with a group of cyclists, and ways to share the trail with others. The class is made up of pre-class reading material, computer based training and testing, classroom learning, and on-bike exercises. The first of these classes will be held in November, and the second in February.  For more info on the curriculum: visit
  2. The grant will help to cover costs for 12 students to attend the “League Cycling Instructor” (LCI) class that is put on by the national bike organization: The League of American Bicyclists (LAB). This is a 23-hour class, done over one weekend; Friday evening, all day Saturday, and part of Sunday. This is targeted to be held in March 2018.

    Students that complete and pass this extensive training are certified as an LCI trainer. They will have mastered the skills to teach the Smart Cycling class mentioned above, plus other classes such as “Bicycle Commuting” and how to conduct a “Bike Rodeo” for kids.

    Another benefit of the LCI program is that instructors are covered by a liability insurance policy when teaching a class.

    LCI class normally costs $350 per student, plus the cost of LAB membership ($40) and the LCI certification ($25). The grant will cover $200 of the LCI class, plus the LAB membership and LCI certification costs. It is expected that OBS and the state bike organization will cover the remaining $150 tuition, making it possible for you to become an LCI with all costs reimbursed!

    The grant tuition reimbursement is targeted to 12 cyclists living in the central Oklahoma area. We must get at least 8 students for the class to “make”. The max student count is 16, so we will probably have some spots for friends from outside central Oklahoma, but they will need to work with their local bike organizations for tuition help.

  3. Each graduate of the LCI class will be expected to teach two bike skills classes within 6 months of the LCI class. The curriculum could be a “Bike Rodeo” for kids at an elementary school or park. It could also include a “Smart Cycling” class for adults or youth.

Students would be taught by the instructor basic bike skills such as:

  • Riding on the correct side of the street, with traffic.
  • Learning to stop the bicycle and ride in a straight line.
  • Learning to stop at stop signs and traffic signals.
  • Learning hand signals for right or left turns.
  • Etiquette when riding on a bike trail.
  • Basic maintenance, such as adding air to a tire, or adjusting the seat height.

The grant will cover costs for the following items at each class taught:

  • A bike Helmet for the students.
  • Or if they already have a helmet, the student could pick from a selection such as a bike light or bike tool set.
  • T-Shirt
  • Instructors will receive a $70 honorarium to cover transportation costs.


    Please watch for more details on this program in the near future. You can contact Bill Elliott at to ask questions or to express your interest in participating in Bike Skills Training.